We are a company that lives a mission, born from what we see as opportunity to build on the ingenuity of people and their striving for a better world.

  • The dynamics of the energy system are changing.
  • Technology continues to grow across sectors and in diversity.
  • The momentum of sustainable business continues to gain support and application.

We operate at the Trivector of these trends, designing solutions that empower people to be at the centre of change.

Fuelling energy companies, financial institutions, technology vendors/start-ups, governments, environmental and developmental organisations to harness the opportunities presented, to excel in a changing world.


Below find a sample of the services we provide to clients, although our projects often extend beyond themes:

Innovation Acceleration

As specialists in the smart energy and smart city/community domains, we provide process, technical, governance and cultural insight and support in the innovation and transformation of technical systems and business models. These skill sets are well suited to the acceleration of a particular product/service propositions and organisation optimisation to fully leverage innovation potential

Strategic Consulting

Whether it is helping with the development or execution of strategy, or the assessment of strategic issues and considerations. We can assist those who are either seeking to operate or shape the future energy sector or those who wish to provide goods or services to it.

Technical Advisory

Through our extensive and objective network of experts we are able to advise and provide perspective across a broad range of Smart Energy technologies; from energy networks and ICT technologies, to generation technologies and architectures, to software approaches and distributed intelligence, and from measurement/metering to the cloud.

Cross Cutting Research & Development

As our experts are from broad school of backgrounds, many themselves multi-disciplinary in training and experience. This enables easier integration and correlation of various domains, using multi-disciplinary toolkit is a powerful approach to understand and solve our greatest challenges.

Economic & Developmental Advisory

Whether you are looking for cost benefit analysis, development or the modelling of a particular initiative, or broader policy assessment or development. We leverage both traditional and disruptive paradigms of thought to complex and contentious areas.

Project & Product Development

We also actively engage on a joint risk basis on certain project and product developments. To this end we work with a number of financial and investment organisations and institutions to provide the required delivery and go to market support.